OADP Trailblazer with Governor Newsom at California Moratorium Announcement

Aba Gayle, former OADP Board member, Advisory Council member, international speaker, and murder victim family member, was invited by Governor Gavin Newsom prior to his announcement of his moratorium of California’s death penalty.

Reflecting on her visit in California, Aba Gayle said, “I am still basking in the joy of being invited by Governor Newsom to meet with him just prior to the announcement of his Moratorium to the Death Penalty.

I flew down to Sacramento on Monday March 11.  I met with Governor Newsom at 4PM that afternoon.  There were five of us who had lost a family member and opposed the death penalty under any circumstances.  We each got the opportunity to talk about the loved one we lost and why we opposed the death penalty. The Gov really listened and took notes. 

I was invited to the Governor's office for his press conference on Wednesday the 13th.  I was honored to be able to give him a hug and express my thanks.  I also attended a reception that same
afternoon.  I wish you could have all been there.

For me it was the culmination of 27 years of work all over the globe to end the death penalty and teach the healing power of forgiveness. “

A film about Aba Gayle can be found on YouTube.
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