Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson calls for death penalty repeal

On Monday, January 16th, Washington’s Attorney General Bob Ferguson will call for legislation to end the state’s death penalty. He, along with former Washington A.G. Rob McKenna, will ascend the state Capitol steps in Olympia to ask  the members of the legislature to turn the current death penalty moratorium into a permanent change in the law. Repeal of the death penalty makes permanent in Washington would add to a growing discontent with the death penalty, by repealing the law as a failed public policy.  In a flood of recent studies the death penalty  is shown to be biased in its administration,  prone to mistakes in administration as well as carrying out executions and extremely costly and wasteful of tax-payers.  The grass-roots organization Washington Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty is urging citizens to show up in support of the attorney general, the governor and new repeal legislation o the Capitol steps at 1PM on Mon. Follow the action:   Washington Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty Website: abolishdeathpenalty.org Email: info@abolishdeathpenalty.org Phone: (206) 622-8952



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