Famous American Lawyer Portrayal Coming to Salem

Gary Anderson

Clarence Darrow, famous American lawyer, known for his eloquence in defending unpopular clients and in securing reprieves for those condemned to death, will be portraited by renowned actor Gary Anderson, on November 15th at the Salem Library.

Attorney Darrow won life sentences for Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, whose crimes of kidnapping and murder had garnered national attention. He often spoke publicly about his opposition to capital punishment.  Darrow had many famous clients during his career, including union leader Eugene Debs in the Pullman strike case, and John Scopes in the famous "Monkey Trial" regarding the teaching of evolution, where he argued against William Jennings Bryan.

Gary Anderson is a much-lauded national portrayer of Mr. Darrow and is often compared to Hal Holbrook's Mark Twain in newspapers across the country. He starred as Darrow in Assassination: Idaho's Trial of the Century, which has aired nationally during PBS fund-raising efforts. His performance of Naked Darrow was presented in New York City off Broadway and multiple cities around the country.

He is currently performing with the Beaverton Civic Theatre in "You can't take it with you."

The performance is produced and in support of Oregonians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (OADP). It will be held in library's Louchs Auditorium starting at 6:30PM. Tickets are $20 and available in advance by calling (503) 990-7060 or on line at www.oadp.org.

In addition to OADP, Co-Sponsors are John Gear Law Office: LLC, A Values-Based Law Practice and The Honorable Paul.J. DeMuniz, former Oregon Supreme Court Chief Justice.



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