Seeking death penalty adds $1M to prosecution cost, study says

Seattle University studies Washington State Costs of the Death Penalty
January 7, 2015 Seattle University has released the results of a seven-month study into the costs of the death penalty in Washington state and has found a more than $1 million price break in cases where capital punishment is not sought.   The results of the analysis were officially to be made public by the university on Wednesday, but an early copy was provided Tuesday to The Seattle Times.   Criminal-justice professor Peter Collins called the study one of the nation’s most “rigorous” examinations of the costs associated with the death penalty.   Collins said he wasn’t surprised by the price difference.   “I don’t know who coined this term, but this is social science supporting common sense,” he said on Tuesday. “I wasn’t surprised because there was so much anecdotal and other evidence that we’re spending money on these cases.”   Read More at




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