Repeal of the death penalty is a step toward peace.

The death penalty is an act of violence. Seeking alternatives to the death penalty that promote peace, rather than violence, is part of the value structure that motivates the abolition movement in Oregon, throughout the United States and the world. Promoting peace in our communities and our state is a common shared goal for OADP and many other non-profit organizations in Oregon.

The pursuit of peace will be celebrated in Marion County with a series of events and activities during the 34 Days for Peace celebration which will take place beginning on September 21st, World Peace Day. It will run through October 24th, United Nation’s Day. At the time of this writing there are 30 activities planned. The activities are diverse in nature, but all focus on peace as a theme. Several organizations and faith communities are involved in staging and promoting the 34 days. OADP will be hosting two events as part of the calendar.

On Tuesday October 6th, at the Willamette University College of Law, OADP will sponsor a public discussion group in conjunction with the school’s National Lawyer Guild chapter. Law students, faculty, under-graduates and the general public are invited to participate with members of OADP, state legal experts and advocates for peace. The event will begin at 5p.m. Light refreshments will be served.

On Saturday October 10th, at the main Salem Public Library’s Anderson Auditorium, 585 Liberty, OADP will conduct a “teach in”. As the national movement picks up momentum, it is essential that advocates for peace and repeal of the death penalty stay current with the national events and stories. The public is again encouraged to attend this event which begins at 7p.m. An update will be provided on progress underway in Oregon and around the nation. Public comment will be encouraged. There is no admission for either of these two OADP events.

Other key activities on the 34 Days for Peace calendar will are:

* The kick-off event at the Salem Peace Plaza, near City Hall, which begins at 6p.m. on Monday September 21

* A Peace Festival, featuring entertainment and speakers throughout Saturday September 26th, at Lancaster Mall;

* The annual Peace Lecture by keynote speaker Erica Cheoweth of the University of Denver, which will be held at Hudson Hall on the Campus of Willamette University.

You can find a full list of activities and sponsoring organization on the events calendar on the web site.



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