Opinion: America Is In The Middle Of A Death Penalty Crisis

Oregon uses lethal injection as its method of execution. Although Oregon has not executed anyone recently, the death penalty is still in its constitution and the need to obtain lethal drugs may be an issue. In the article "America Is In The Middle Of A Death Penalty Crisis" by Hannah Riley, communications manager at the Southern Center for Human Rights in Atlanta addresses this issue in her recent article in the Huffington Post.  In this article, Ms. Riley states "Capital punishment has a sordid history in this country, one that many Americans know little about. But if ever there was a time to unearth that past and do away with the death penalty entirely, it’s now: Drug manufacturers are doing all they can to keep their products out of our execution practices. States are resorting to increasingly dangerous and deceptive measures to ensure executions continue; some have even returned to methods once thought too barbaric to endure. Botched executions are a common occurrence. And who are we sentencing to die? Overwhelmingly, poor people, people of color, people with intellectual disabilities and mental illnesses and, sometimes, the innocent. The death penalty in America is in crisis". Read complete article .



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