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OADP Urges Governor Kitzhaber to Commute Death Sentences

OADP Urges Governor Kitzhaber to Commute Death Sentences

While Governor Kitzhaber is still in office, until Wednesday, he has the power to commute death row sentences, changing them to life without parole. The power is found in the Oregon Constitution, Article V - Section 14. There is a high probability the one or more death row inmate could face executions in the near future if something is not done.

Oregon is One of 26 States that Do Not Use Death Penalty

Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 17, 2014
(SALEM, Oregon) Death sentences in Oregon declined in 2014, with only one new death sentence this year. This single sentence represents a 42% decline over the last ten years. According to the 2014 Death Penalty report, issued today by the Death Penalty Information Center, in Washington DC, nationwide, there were 72 new death sentences in 2014, a 40-year low.



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