April 10th Portland Event at First United Methodist Church: Two Years Later: We are Still Troy Davis!

On Thursday April 10th Jen Marlowe, co-author of I Am Troy Davis, and Troy's sister, Kimberly Davis, will lead a discussion about the book, Troy’s case, and the impact Troy’s struggle has had on those still fighting for justice and an end to the death penalty in Oregon.

Seattle Times Editorial: It’s time for the state to end the death penalty

February 15, 2014 C APITAL punishment fails the sober metrics of good public policy. Rarely used, it does not make citizens safer. It is applied inequitably, even randomly. It is much more expensive than alternatives. And it exposes the state to the risk, however small, of making a heinous mistake.

New Hampshire close to Abolition

  Tue.  Feb. 11,2014 New Hampshire got closer to abolition today when the House Criminal Justice and Public Works Committee voted 14-3 to pass House Bill 1170! Read More

Washington state governor declares death penalty moratorium

Tue, Feb 11 2014  Feb 11 2014 OLYMPIA, Washington (Reuters) - Washington state Governor Jay Inslee declared a moratorium on Tuesday on carrying out the death penalty in his Pacific Northwest state, citing concerns about unequal application of justice in determining who is executed.

Feb 11 Event: 'Race Talks" Kennedy School Portland POSTPONED--WEATHER

Death-row inmate Gary Haugen loses legal bid to force his own execution

January 21, 2014 Oregon death-row inmate Gary Haugen's legal quest to force his own execution ended Tuesday when the U.S. Supreme Court declined to consider his case.  Without comment, the court denied his petition for writ of certiorari. The court turns down the vast majority of requests it receives each year to review a case.

Press Release: Ohio Execution Goes Badly

For Immediate Release  1/17/2014    Oregonians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty wishes to express our deepest sympathy to the family of Joy Stewart who was senselessly murdered in 1989. Any murder is a terrible crime and as a society needs to be mourned

Oregon death-row prisoner joins Gary Haugen in seeking execution

January 08, 2014 SALEM -- A second death-row prisoner is challenging Oregon to carry out the death penalty, saying he agrees with co-defendant and fellow inmate Gary Haugen that the legal system is broken and pursuing appeals is pointless.

NY Times Editorial: The Slow Demise of Capital Punishment

December 29, 2013  In 2013, Maryland became the sixth state to end capital punishment in the last six years. Eighteen states and the District of Columbia have abolished the penalty, and it is dormant in the federal system and the military. Thirty states have had no executions in the last five years.

The Death Penalty in 2013: Executions Drop Below 40 for Only Second Time since 1994

The Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC) released its 2013 report on the death penalty  With 39 executions in 2013, this year marks only the second time in nearly two decades that the United States executed less than 40 people, according to a report released today by the Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC).

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